Welcome to Appleton Primary School –

where we encourage independence of mind and a questioning spirit.

A warm welcome

Welcome to Appleton Primary School where we believe in the value of every child and adult who enters our doors.

We call ourselves the Appleton family and we encourage each person to show value and respect towards one another, work together and strive to be the best they can.

Mrs M Langton – Headteacher

The aims of our school

We endeavour to provide an enjoyable, enriched educational experience, relevant and meaningful for every child.

  • To create a caring environment in which each child feels happy, secure and motivated to learn.
  • To identify value and positively foster his/her individual talents.
  • To offer pupils a curriculum which is coordinated, differentiated and challenging.
  • To encourage independence of mind and a questioning spirit.
  • To promote an awareness of moral values, service, friendship and the communal responsibility of all.

School twitter feed

Foundation 2 celebrating Rosh Hashanah https://t.co/CVrtzL5C7E
  @Appleton Primary
Year 5/6 are having a great time at @MagnaScience. Class HCD are currently pretending to be forensic scientists. https://t.co/79ztTTtZPM
  @Appleton Primary
Maths, PE, Science all in one lesson. Learning is fun. https://t.co/jpfSTSE2wK
  @Appleton Primary
RT @AppPsych: We're excited to be back into the swing of things - here's Dr Ducksbury taking @appletonprimary through Precision Teaching th…
  @Appleton Primary
Class HCD are having fun learning about their lungs! https://t.co/dccsgCyFVF
  @Appleton Primary

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Years 2 and 3 enjoyed their Flex dance session. They discovered that keeping fit can be so much fun!

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