Welcome to Appleton Primary School –

where we encourage independence of mind and a questioning spirit.

A warm welcome

Welcome to Appleton Primary School where we believe in the value of every child and adult who enters our doors.

We call ourselves the Appleton family and we encourage each person to show value and respect towards one another, work together and strive to be the best they can.

Mrs M Langton – Headteacher

The aims of our school

We endeavour to provide an enjoyable, enriched educational experience, relevant and meaningful for every child.

  • To create a caring environment in which each child feels happy, secure and motivated to learn.
  • To identify value and positively foster his/her individual talents.
  • To offer pupils a curriculum which is coordinated, differentiated and challenging.
  • To encourage independence of mind and a questioning spirit.
  • To promote an awareness of moral values, service, friendship and the communal responsibility of all.
Appleton Primary School - View From Above
Appleton Primary School - View From Above

School twitter feed

Find out about our latest History Challenge https://t.co/dgQ2LDw4th
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Grass cutters and picnics can only mean one thing #summer https://t.co/eb4h6Cc3OP
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What a lovely atmosphere at our Foundation Singing Session. Many thanks to all of the parents and grandparents who came to learn our new songs. https://t.co/b6ka7IGx9B
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Upcoming Events

april, 2018

23apralldayYear 5/6 Football Competition 9 a side

Winding up of old company 

As a result of the schools transfer to The Constellation Trust Multi Academy Trust, the old school company (Appleton Primary School, company registration 08682513) will be wound down within the next two months. This is following a meeting of the directors of the old company and subsequent vote to ‘strike off’ the company from the Companies House register and the cease of all trading activities of the old school company from 01/05/2017.

Should you have any queries or concerns with the above, please contact Robert Kennington, Executive Finance Lead at the school using the normal school telephone number.

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